Tasha Morton demonstrates panning for a young prospector and Norman Long  fills more pans at a Department of Cultural
Resources event held at the North Carolina Museum of History in downtown Raleigh. We estimate between 300 and 400
people tried their hand at panning from 12:00 noon till  
4:00 p.m. on June 3, 2006.
Photos by Don McNeely
Locust, NC - Our First Parade for the Gold History / Bost Grist Mill Float
4th Graders Panning for Gold
John Dysart presenting
In-School Teaching Program for
North Carolina Schools
Annual Meeting Luncheon of
The Gold History Corporation
Bob Remsburg demonstrating blacksmith crafts
Pete Nash panning ore from dredge
sluice box in Little Meadow Creek
Don McNeely demonstrating gold panning skill at
In-School Teaching Program for North Carolina Schools
Miner's Lamp
Quilting Craft demonstration during Heritage Days
John Dysart and Joanie Freeman potray the Mad Miner
and his wife at the Halloween Haunted Mine
Gold History Corporation volunteers staffing Reed
exhibit: June gem show at Charlotte Oasis Temple
Our GHC computer at work at the gem show
showing Reed Power Point shows of Reed Mine
Kim Tweedy at the early stage of the float
construction. Kim was responsible for much of
the float design.
Paper Mache' construction required lots of flour,
water and patience.
The float is finished and is staged for the parade
at the Locust Elemntary School.
The float is on the Locust Parade Route. Riding on
the float is Brenda Bost, Amy Simpson and
children from our float partner Bost Grist Mill and
Judy Fonville who supplied soft drinks and gold
Touching up a little damage that was inevitable to
towing the float to Waxhaw for their Parade.
Enroute during the Waxhaw Christmas Parade.
(l to r) Savanah, Holly and Alexis Lebatard do the
waving from the float and keeping candy refilled.