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  This is a summary of the 9/17/05 fund raising committe meeting,
                                   Not meeting minutes - by Don

A meeting was held of the Fund Raising/Membership Committee at Kris Howey's home
starting around
6:00 p.m.  Kris had super munchies of meat balls, sausages, dips and chips various
other drinkables and desserts.

After review of the research that was conducted since the last meeting, it was decided
that we should recommend a Turkey Shoot and a parade float in conjunction with our
neighbor Bost Grist Mill. We will attempt to hold the Turkey Shoot on the site but due to
regulation or restriction, we may be forced to hold it on some other property. We agreed
to request a "on officer approval" budget of up to $1500.00 for expenses in putting
doing these events.

The parade float would be devoted to the two sites and literature for membership and
"gold" candy would be passed out to the crowd as the float was pulled along the parade

Purchasing time on a local bill board has been researched extensively but we have yet
to find a company that we feel we can afford. Tasha has been in discussion with a
Charlotte Coffee company about publicizing the site.

It was also suggested that a membership table be set up for Halloween at the Reed.
 This is a summary of the 7/16/05 fund-raising committe meeting,
                                  Not meeting minutes - by Don

The Fund Raising Committee held a brain storming type meeting to review where our goals and
focus should be.. In attendance were Kim Nash, President, Kris Howey, Tony LeBatard, Tasha
Morton, and Don McNeely. Also attending for support, information and feedback were Rebecca
Lewis, Norman Long, Kim Tweedy, Sam Howey and Matt Howey.

The meeting was very informal and a free exchange of ideals, opinions and information was
sought and achieved. Of particular value were the insights provided by Norm, Rebecca and Kim.
They were very helpful with ideals on projects that should be considered for funding and where
the Gold History Should consider focusing its activities. Among the many great thoughts they put
forward are consideration for  youth summer camps, advanced teaching programs for
universities and colleges and restoration activities to bring the entire site up to "the way it was" at
least in 1854, a short time after John Reed's death and the earliest date for which accurate
records exist.. (We will add the 1854 map to the site at a later date.)

Don gave a brief discussion of what the NC Center for Non-profits had to say about fund raising
and provided the Chair-woman of the committee, Kris Howey, a copy of several articles from the
web site as well a copy of the NC Statute that applies to non-profit organizations. He also went
through the 15 items that the organization suggest for fund raising, including their #1 suggestion
which is for the Board Members each to write the organization $500.00 checks as a good start for
any fund raising effort. Other activities were membership campaigns, dinners, a new version of
the Gold Rush Run, music events, feasibility of taking over the panning area, a GHC sponsored
Christmas event, etc... We also discussed the relationship of fund raising to site promotions and
how they go hand -in-hand and Tasha Morton will be investigating addition of signage to both
promote and show the way to the site. These will continue to be discussed by the committee and if
any Board member has questions please feel free to contact any member of the committee.

All members of the committee are available to discuss fund raising ideals at any time they can be
reached by anyone who wants to contribute.  Remember, all checks should be made out to the
Gold History Corporation, not the Reed Gold Mine. We can handle it if they aren't made out right but
it is better to do it right.

The meeting included a dinner of Tony's famous barbecued chicken wings, desserts from Tasha
and Kris, macaroni salad from Kris, really good chili by Norman, veggies and dip and hamburgers
and various types of stuff to drink including lemonade and orangette. Everyone contributed and we
had a good time and made for a better meeting.

Thanks to the Staff who helped bring it together.
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